Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Last week was Noah’s first t-ball game. We’ve been rained out for a few games and nearly rained out yesterday too. Thankfully the weather held out and they got to play. Noah did great and we were surprised at how good these little boys are. When they were in the outfield it looked a lot more like tackle football or rugby as they all ran from their positions, no matter how far away, and they dogpiled, grabbing at the ball. They were filthy by the end and had a great time. Here are a few pictures.

(Here he's the one on the left with the black glove)

(Noah's the one on the right with the black and white glove)

Isn't he such a cutie??? He is really truly a sweet little boy. We're so proud of him and so thankful daily for him as our boy.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Yes it's true...

Yep - a couple of you guessed it. We're having another baby.....Lord willing.
Thankfully this is Shannon's face when I told him the news. We both knew we wanted another one but Shannon was taking a bit more of a leap of faith than me so I was hoping this would be his response.
It I've learned anything it's the fact that we may make plans but God is the one who decides.
We're 8 1/2 weeks along and having our first appt and ultrasound on Monday. I complained the first couple of weeks that I wasn't sick or tired. I wanted to feel those early pregnancy symptoms so my mind could be put at ease that it was progressing. Well I got what I asked for. I've been beyond unbearably tired and feeling sick almost all day with the worst part at night. Our house is such a mess. You may think I'm exaggerating but last night Shannon took down five water cups from my nightstand by our bed. Every time I feel especially sick or tired I remind myself that it's a good sign. So anyway I'll keep you all posted and do my best to post more often. I know that a lot of family checks this - sorry to go so long.

I found out we were pregnant the Tuesday before Valentine's Day but I knew I couldn't hold off five days to tell him. We had no night available except that Wednesday so I called a friend to come watch the kids so we could just go out for a quick dinner. I said it was an early Valentine's Day dinner. I called ahead (Sonny's in San Clemente) and asked them to make a surprise heart shaped pizza and asked if they would bring out a bottle of sparkling cider and a gift bag for Shan. Thankfully he agreed to do pizza (to make me happy even though he didn't want it) and he was so confused when the pizza, cider and bag came out. He was happily surprised. It was a really fun night!!!