Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Here's a shot of both of Jordan's feet. The left foot (on the bottom) is "normal." You can see the heel, pad, arch and toes look fine. The right foot appears to be "balled" with the toes seeming to be a little smashed. Later ultrasounds showed that this foot is also hyperflexed up toward the shin bone. It is a good sign that they've seen all the bones in the right foot despite the abnormalities.
They have been unable to get a clear picture of her affected hand (the left hand) but will hopefully see it a little better on the next ultrasound.


Carrie Steele said...

Jen, great job with the web blog. For not being tech savvy, it's very well done. Looking forward to more updates so we can continue to specifically lift little Jordan up to the Lord.

marci mcdonald said...


It is so amazing to see how intricate everything on the human body is and how much technology can reveal. You are all in our prayers daily and we look forward to hearing the new progress of Jordan's developement.

tara rae bias said...

Jen, This is so amazing, You really have done a wonderful job on this blog and with letting all of us be part of Jordan's life already. It seems like everytime I hear from dad, the news is gettting better and better...the Lord is truely blessing her and your whole family. Thank you for letting us be part of your blessings. We love you.