Friday, December 15, 2006

Yet another praise report for our Jordan Joy! We had her heart ultrasound today where they discovered she has a Patent (open) Foramen (window) Ovale (oval) which would mean a "tiny" opening between the left and right Atrium. ???? I put the official diagnosis down for those of you who might understand it but basically it's a tiny hole that is there when babies are in utero but goes away around the time of birth. Hers hasn't gone away (she is among 25% of the population who has this condition) but it shouldn't cause her any harm. They want to see her back at one year and they said all surgeries should proceed as scheduled. Hallelujah!
While I was waiting for the doctor to come and give me the results of the test I overheard the technician talking about the hole in Jordan's heart. The doctor asked her if she had told me yet and she said no, that she was going to let him tell me. I have to admit that I went from feeling certain that there was nothing wrong to now being once again anxious and dreading the news. I reminded myself that God is in control and that His hand is absolutely on Jordan's every need. He calls us to not be anxious and I was determined to be obedient. Yet another lesson in trust, yet another example of his faithfulness (faithfulness in giving me peace, not necessarily in changing the circumstance).
Merry CHRISTmas to all of you and a reminder for the reason we celebrate!

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