Monday, January 22, 2007

Ten days and counting...
We had our pre-op appt today with the plastic surgeon.
He answered all of our questions and said that we are all set to go, as long as Jordan doesn't get sick before the surgery.

We felt comfortable with everything he said and it was all pretty predictable but we were surprised that he commented several times on how wide her cleft is. He said that the lip will be pretty tight (flat) and the nose will be noticeably flatter on the affected side. We are a little disappointed but still so thankful that this is all she's dealing with. She recently had an ear infection so she is on antibiotics but seems to be doing fine now.
Please continue to pray for our family's health - that Jordan and Noah will stay healthy leading up to the surgery (if Noah gets sick he'll have to leave us to stay at Shan's parents' house). Also please pray that I won't be anxious about the surgery or disappointed with the results. Many of you probably think that anything is better than the open lip (we thought the same thing originally) but we've gotten used to that and adjusted. Now we have to get used to a whole new lip and it's a bit like starting over. Again, we know that God created her in His image and that He makes no mistakes - she is perfect exactly the way He created her for His will and glory - but it'll take some getting used to. :)
Please be praying!

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