Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hello all!
We've had another crazy week with at least one doctor's appt each day so I'm a little late getting this posted. As yet another example of God's provision, I was looking around my messy house wondering what my family was going to eat for dinner and how I would ever get around to making it. Just then Debbie from the prayer team at church called and said she was bringing dinner to us in an hour. Thanks to her I have a quick minute to update you all through the blog. :)
We went in for Jordan's cast change on Tuesday and the doctor not only told us we no longer need to recast it but he also took x-rays and told us all the bones are perfectly fine and match with her other leg. Praise God!!
Wednesday we met with the new pediatrician and we love him. We will miss our old doctor so much but are hopeful this one will be as good of a fit. He spent an hour going over Jordan's history and even started our visit with, "Wow, we sure do have a lot to talk about...why don't you start at the beginning." How refreshing!!!
Today we met her Gastroenterologist who says she is doing great and can even get down to only one medication for her reflux with us using the other as needed. She hopes Jordan will outgrow this by the time she is eight months old.
Noah is recovering from his bronchiolitis and no longer needs the breathing treatment (he has had this for two weeks) and the doctor says Jordan probably had the same thing (a gift from her big brother) but thankfully she didn't need the breathing treatment except for an as needed treatment. They are both on antibiotics and are pretty much back to normal.
Last week Jordan woke up with greenish yellow slime coming out of her ears and all over the blanket. Thankfully she has the tubes so it can drain out, we can know she has an infection and then get antibiotics. Her ear infections have also cleared up by today.
What a great week it's been. :)
I have more to say and to share but not much time right now so I will write more later.

The middle picture is of Jordan's first time wearing a sleeper with both her feet actually in the footies (it was always attached to her leg and then with the cast she couldn't wear sleepers). The next picture is of Jordan and two of her cousins who came to play this weekend. And I couldn't leave out a picture of sweet Noah at the Whale Parade in Dana Point this weekend.

Thanks, as always for your love and support!
Jen, Shan, Noah and Jordan Gray


Schlabach Clan said...

Love the update and the pictures. I am so glad you keep this blog. I know I hardly ever get to see you, let alone know how you all are doing. You all are always in our thoughts and prayers! Jordan is getting so big!!

Shannon said...

What great pictures of your family. I'm so happy to hear you had a great week in spite of a doctor's appointment every day. Praise God for the healing of her bones and your great faith in Him.

Lots of love,

Lani Merlina said...

I've been checking "Jordans Page" since we received the info in your Christmas card. I'm so glad you sent it! I wanted to pass on a few thoughts. Jordan ~ what a trooper and an angel. Her sweet face tugs at my heart. Jen & Shannon ~ you've been an inpiration. Meeting the challenges and with a positive attitude. Noah ~ what a great big brother and you can see in the photos that he cares for his sister. Your family has surrounded Jordan with love and it shows. I'll keep checking back, you always write something that inspires me or has a positive impact. One of my favorite parts I read today... "Jordan's first time wearing a sleeper with both her feet actually in the footies" Yay Jordan! - making some great progress.