Sunday, May 13, 2007

Just a brief update with a few prayer requests and a few praises...
Jordan is doing well. Her therapists and infant specialists say that she is within the 7 - 9 month range in everything except those areas that have been affected by her physical limitations since birth (including Reflux, surgery, limb differences, etc.). They are not suspecting cognitive delays at this time, thankfully.

Her Gastrointerologist wants to do an Upper G.I. to find out why she's still spitting up so much and also a swallow study before we start spoon feeding so that we can know if she'll aspirate the food and if there will be any other problems with eating since the palate is still open (she has very little roof to her mouth).

She has another ear infection but were treating it with drops this time which is better than oral antibiotics.

Her current Orthopedic Surgeon said that his plan so far is to remove her short thumb on her "good hand" and move her index finger down to act as a thumb. She would then have a four fingered "good" hand. Her more affected hand has a great thumb but many problems with her other fingers. He hasn't said what he would do with that yet. We've requested a second opinion with a doctor at UCLA (Neil Jones) but our HMO is sending us to a local doctor (Lonnie Moskow) who may be just as great. We're praying that if he isn't confident in his ability to do the surgeries on her hands that he'll be able to tell us so that we can find a doctor who can. We are confident that God has the perfect surgeon picked out for her, regardless.
Be praying as we meet with Dr. Moskow on Wednesday of this week.

Gotta run...I'll post more pictures and video as well as a surgery update after our next appointment.

Thanks for being faithful and steadfast in praying and checking on Jordan Joy's progress.

Love, Jen

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