Monday, September 24, 2007

I was procrastinating getting to bed and was researching info on palate repair. I came across this info in a GREAT article which actually quotes Jordan's surgeon. This site gives the best overview of the cleft lip and palate situation I've seen.

Surgery to repair the cleft palate generally occurs when the child is about 1 year old and involves undermining mucoperiosteal flaps from the left and right sides of the palate and suturing them at the midline, and reconstructing the throat muscles. The most significant reason for repairing the palate is to preserve speech, explains plastic surgeon Henry K. Kawamoto Jr., M.D., D.D.S. “A child can have a hole in the roof of his mouth and still be able to eat OK—they adapt,” he says. “But with a cleft palate, they will never be able to communicate in terms of speech. Repairing the palate is, for that reason, very important.”

Another site I found, talks about how to deal with having a facial "difference." It's really great!

Also wanted to let you prayer warriors know that Jordan will not be having the eye surgery to clear the blocked duct tomorrow. We are going to have her plastic surgeon do it at the next surgery on 10/22.

Thanks and we'll post 1st bday pictures and pre-op udates as soon as possible.

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