Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jordan's New Sling

Here's a little post on my latest sewing project.
I wore Jordan in a sling exactly like this for more than 2 1/2 years since she couldn't walk much of the time. It was the best gift ever. Mine was made by Jenny Woodward who also jumped on the hospital gown ministry right away. Her blog is and you can see her projects under the craft link on her page.
I copied her pattern a year ago or so and made a smaller version for Reese Woodward and have since made another one for a neighbor, Cassidy and also matching slings for Jordan and her little girlfriend, Reagan (her 3rd birthday is Tuesday).
I used a coupon so each sling cost me less than $5.00!
Here's a picture of Reagan and Jordan

Here's Cassidy and then a picture of her birthday sling.

I'm so thankful to my mom who bought me my sewing machine - Thanks Mom!


Megan said...

Where did you get the adorable fabric?

Jennifer said...

Great job, Jen! Sew Liberated's book is not out yet. I think it comes out early December. I want to make her mei tai carrier, though. It is so cute!