Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Update on Jordan's Therapy Progress

I have so many things I'd like to blog about personally but I figure many of you are checking in here to hear about Jordan, not my latest musings.
Two weeks ago I was getting discouraged once again. I tend to go up and down with discouragement as we work so hard with her and see no progress. God inevitably gives us a milestone or two to keep us going (every good and perfect gift comes from God).
Jordan was not babbling, not using jargon (intonation of speech with no real words), not attempting words - only signing (more than one year delayed). Suddenly on Easter she started saying Papa (all the grand kids love their Papa so of course this is what she started saying). Then on Monday she just took off. She began babbling all kinds of consonants, and actually trying to say words. I was ecstatic. Her speech therapist told me later that she cried on her way home from work that day. Truly these milestones are so touching when you watch kids struggle for such a long time to meet them. I remember watching a 3 year old take her first steps without her walker last summer. I had seen her doing the hard work week after week in therapy and when she took those steps there wasn't a dry eye in the house.
Physical and Occupational Therapy:
We've had some problems with Jordan's leg brace she wears at night to stretch her foot down so she'll be able to walk later. Basically insurance hassles, financial burdens and appointments all over the place to figure out what will be the best choice for her. We are sending back the brace she has now at the end of the month and are starting with a new one. We aren't sure this one will work as well but it's a fraction of the cost so we're giving it a shot. We should have it next week to try and they said she can wear it more hours through the day so hopefully it'll be aggressive in it's stretch. If not, then we'll work to get the current brace back.
Her developmental specialist we see once a week has also been really excited about Jordan's progress. She is really pleased by her attention span and her skills that just keep getting better and better. We love Kathleen and are so happy to have her come to our house each week.

We are truly blessed beyond measure for Jordan's specialists. They love her and she is smitten by all of them. She works hard and they are commited to her success. Each and every person Jordan works with on a regular basis (including our pediatrician) really go above and beyond to help her.

Kathleen and Jordan

That same week she made such strides in Speech she started cruising along furniture. We were amazed. She just took off. I had the usual bribes waiting for her at the end of the table in therapy and she just headed down to me, took the treat, turned around, went back the other way then looked at me as if to say, "Well, aren't you going to come over here and give me my reward??" We were laughing so hard. Since then she's seen a higher level PT who gave us some great suggestions and now she is even walking along parallel bars and holding with only one hand. We have a bet going - I say 5 weeks until she's walking and Brian (her therapist) says 3-4.

One funny thing I laugh at is how much Jordan makes her therapists laugh. Her PT and OT call it the Jordan Party when we're there. She's so hilarious.


RebeccaMillsap said...

Jen! This is great news that Jordan is cruising and babbling! I'll be praying for this new brace to be effective. Thanks for the update!

Chiara said...

Praising God in these new blessings! I am so glad you share these things with us. It encourages us all greatly. I just LOVE your sweet Jordan. You must be so excited! I'll be praying for the brace situation to be smooth and helpful.

NerdyMom said...

That is so freaking awesome! I never had your blog URL so I haven't followed Jordan's progress beyond your mentions in our Yahoo group. She is SO beautiful. I do find it amazing how our Jordans have Jennifers as moms... AND we each have black pugs. I only have one... but he's a handful along with our mutt dog.

You should brag about Jordan's progress with the ABS Yahoo group as well. I'm so happy for you guys!

My Jordan took her time with a number of milestones... It was hard to be patient but I found peace with the support of family and my faith. After spending time on your blog, it's obvious you have a similar support source!

The O'Connell Clan said...

Way to go Jordan! That is so awesome! I love that she makes everyone feel like they are at a Jordan party...what an amazing spirit! I will pray for the new brace...can't wait to see how your bet pans out! Remember that God is with you through all of this!

Ashlee aka mom said...

I saw your blog from a friends blog. Wow what a journey for you and little Jordan. She looks awesome. May god bless your family.

Ashlee aka mom said...

I saw your blog from a friends blog. Wow what a journey for you and little Jordan. She looks awesome. May god bless your family.