Friday, July 04, 2008

A few pictures

Just a few pictures I've been wanting to's been a long day so I'm not posting much but I will add more in a day or so.

A few of my favorite pics of the kids while at the Woodwards last weekend with her new VERY nice camera.

I love this one of our Noah. He's getting so big! Notice his gray tooth - he fell and knocked it loose last summer and it's now dead. He goes back this month for a re-check.

I love this picture and love this girl! What a nice camera huh? Jordan LOVES the water and was having a great time that day in the baby pool.

Here are a few from Father's Day with my dad. I went riding with him in the Angeles Forest. It was SO fun but quite the workout. We rode out an hour and a half or more and another hour and a half back after eating lunch. It was great hanging out with my dad being outdoors and I loved riding the horses. I rode Jeronimo and my dad rode Tioga. They were on their best behavior.

More posts tomorrow or Sunday. See you then!

Happy Fourth everyone!


Chiara said...

Great pictures! I am glad Carter is not the only kid with a gray tooth. His happened this last spring. Oh well! The casualties of being a boy. . .

Swimwife said...

The camera is nice but you are also a great photographer:) love you and miss you.. Can't wait for the WDW conference..quality time with Jen.. I love it:)

The Pamiza Family said...

Hi Jen! Great pics of you and Jordan! So cute! Devany sends her love too! Take care!