Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Killing time trying to kill each other in the airport. Silly from exhaustion.

"Plumb's dance mix is my favorite. Hmmm let me see where it is on this thing."

This photo speaks for itself.

Quick update on our travels...

We left our house last Thursday to fly to my mom's in Maryland with a "short" layover in Oakland (cheaper tickets). We ended up getting stuck in Northern California (as if that wasn't bad enough in itself - ha ha just kidding although we are from SoCal we love NorCal) for seven hours with hungry tired kids before we boarded our plane for our five our flight. Yikes. It was SUCH a long day but the kids did really well. Here's Noah before the plane even took off from Oakland and then there's Jordan. She's the bundle of energy rockin' out on my iPod even after such a long day. We met the nicest people during our wait though. We sat with a family whose son had a repaired cleft lip. He looked great and was probably the sweetest boy we've met. He shared every one of his favorite toys with Noah.

More posts to come...

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Chiara said...

Oh, I love to hear about those divine appointments! That day sounds draining, to say the least, but I bet you were still singing, "This is the day . . . that the LORD has made. . ." I love the picture of the kids tumbling on the floor of the airport. I also love the picture of sleeping Noah. Those chairs look a lot more comfortable when you are their size.