Sunday, August 17, 2008

BBQ North Carolina Style

Every time we go back to my mom's house in DC some of our family from North Carolina drives up and the rest of the family that lives in Virginia drives over too. Aside from seeing family the best part of our trips to my mom's is the BBQ. I am telling you now that Uncle Ronnie (Danny and cousin Ricky help too) makes the best BBQ I've ever had. Fourth of July I tasted some BBQ that came close, so close in fact that I was suddenly unsure that my Uncle Ronnie's still held the title. I shared this with him after he pulled up hauling his hydrolic pig cooker ("peeg cookah" as my Aunt BJ calls it) and it was on! He was "fit to be tied" losing sleep and feeling the pressure the next day for the cook off. This friend from church who made the 4th of July BBQ is also from NC but he is a Lumbee Indian so the taste is similar but not the same. I became the official taster for the day, sampling sauces, meats, and toppings. I also became the blacklisted member. I walked up and conversation hushed for fear I'd leak the recipes or traditions to my new Lumbee friend. It was a pretty good position to be in - I got to taste the food all day long, everyone was waiting for my response and I didn't have to do any of the cooking. :)
In the end I must confess that Uncle Ronnie's BBQ is the best. Sorry Nick. Maybe it's the trailer full of love that drives 5+ hours just to cook up some "peeeeg" for the family to enjoy. Uncle Ronnie and Aunt BJ love us dearly and we feel the same about them. They pray faithfully for our family and Aunt BJ spoils the kids rotten when she sees them. How can I imagine any better BBQ than that??

Uncle Danny insists the secret ingredient to Ronnie's sauce is in the brush - an old paintbrush he rinsed with laquer thinner before giving it to Ronnie to baste the meat.

Here's my mom's husband, Denny AKA Pop Pop, basting with the brush.

From left - Danny, Ricky, Ronnie

Jordan obviously loved the ribs! A girl after my own heart - be sure you wash it down with some sweet tea!

Noah and his 2nd cousin Brad. We pulled out the Nascar shirts and even cut the sleeves off Noah's for the event.

Unfortunately all our pics of BJ with Jordan are on her camera but here she is and Ronnie is in the yellow.

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Chiara said...

Yumm! I must be a southern girl at heart, because ribs have always been one of my favorite foods. Your tasting job sounds pretty nice!