Sunday, August 17, 2008

More from DC

Here are a few more pictures.
This one is from our anniversary date to the city. We took the Metro into DC, had an amazing dinner at our favorite restuarant there, Gergia Brown's, then walked around for a while. My mom and step-dad had the kids and had a great night with them.

Here is Noah's favorite in the airplane that looks similar to ones that Grandpa (my dad) and Uncle John (my dad's brother) flew years ago. Uncle John is a pilot and has therefore automatically reached hero status in Noah's world. He LOVES seeing Uncle John and talks about him all the time.

Here's the famous Lockheed F-104 Starfighter. My grandpa (the one who recently passed away) oversaw the work done on this plane and actually got fly as a passenger in it once. I hope I've got the information correct here (Dad, correct me if I'm wrong). I believe my dad said that my grandpa got a certificate for being one of the only civilian passengers. Weird to think that my grandpa - my hero as a child and beyond actually touched that plane, sat in it and it now hangs in the Air and Space Museum in our nation's capital. What a great man he was and what a colorful life he led. I wish he were still here with us to see Noah's face as he looks at that plane and tries to understand that Great Grandpa flew in it.

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Chiara said...

We have an Uncle John pilot in my family too! How funny. My uncle is semi-retired and now flies the private planes for Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Crazy,weird job. I love the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in D.C. I went there when I was 14 and wanted to do two days in a row in the same museum--this was the peak of my wanting to be an astronaut. My parents obliged, and we did two days in a row there.
What fun for your family, Jen!