Monday, January 12, 2009

Could it be...???

We might actually get Jordan's cast off tomorrow morning - one week early! She is SO active and doesn't sit still (Kids Ministry workers at church can attest to that one) so she's worn a big hole in the bottom of the cast so her heel sticks out and the front is breaking open. I have been wanting to ask if we can get the cast off early but I didn't want to push it until last night when we found a pretzel in the cast. Yes, in the cast. I was poking around in there and found it. Jordan grabbed it and put it in her mouth!!!!! This is the same girl who threw up her breakfast (stomach flu) without crying or making a sound then looked down at the banana chunk she puked up and put it in her mouth and ate it - again. :) Jordan is honestly like Pig-Pen in the Peanuts cartoon. She cannot keep her hair clean for more than a few hours, it's a HUGE challenge to keep her clothes stain free enough to pass down and now we're expected to keep a cast clean and free of debris. Ya right! Today when I was jogging with them it was really hot and they saw that the sprinklers were on in a big grassy area near our house. They wanted to play - how could I say no? Jordan got wet - very wet of course, while Noah barely got his feet wet then he insisted he take his shirt off to clean and dry his feet. I didn't think about it but after that we finished running home where I let them play at the park for a few the sand. Jordan ended up with mud in her cast. It was in the front filling the toe area and also in the hole in the bottom. Ooops. :) I gave them a bath after lunch and spent some time trying to scrap the mud out so the doctor wouldn't scold me to severely tomorrow. I was trying so hard not to gag as I did it. Honestly the skin is so thick and peely and it smells so bad. I'm wondering what it'll look like tomorrow. When I peek down in the leg of the cast I can see that it looks brown and the cloth is stuck to her skin. Yuck.
So there it is - I am ECSTATIC that we are leaving here at 6 a.m. tomorrow to get another x-ray done and Lord willing get her cast off. Three months is a very long time and now that we know that in five more weeks she'll be in more casts after the next surgery we are even more excited for her to have freedom from casts asap. I usually dread seeing the fresh scars after a surgery but it's been longer this time so they're probably healed but at the same time I can't wait to see those blessed scars as opposed to that cast.
One more thing - Noah hasn't been able to take a bath with his sissy since October 29th. They could spend hours in the tub together (making a total mess) so it's no wonder Noah's response was what it was today. I told them that Jordan may be getting her cast off tomorrow and he was so excited and said, "Oh yeah - she can take a bath in the big boy bath tub with me tomorrow!!" So cute. Another funny thing for the books is that later tonight we were talking about how exciting it is that she'll get her cast off tomorrow and she picked up her baby doll backpack, looked at us and said, "Going to see Dr. Jones, see you in the morning" and turned around and walked away. Hilarious. As a correction to Miss Smarty Pants it's Dr. Oppenheim not Jones. :)
Okay I'm off to get things together for our last early morning breakfast in the UCLA Hospital cafeteria (for a few months anyway). If you keep up with my posts you'll know how much I love that hospital and how much I appreciate the fact that they have Starbucks there.
I'll post pictures tomorrow hopefully.
Pray that we'll be able to get the cast off and if not than pray that I won't be discouraged or impatient. I want a thankful and content heart regardless of how things go.


Mark, Allison, and Tessa Joy said...

This little lady of yours just cracks me up! Can't wait to hear if the cast came off. We'd love to come by and play in that park of yours sometime!

Chiara said...

Can't wait to hear how it went! What a crack up Jordan is--I love it!

Schlabach Clan said...

Oh the joys of a cast and a toddler. I truly hope the cast can come off tomorrow.
Would you believe...I can still vaguely remember the stench from my cast on my arm many many moons ago. I had to wear a cast on my arm for almost a year. Though it was changed every so often...still so gross.
Take her to a spa or use some cream lotion in the bath afterwards, it'll help.