Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yay! Yay! Yay her cast came off today!!

Everyone is home, safe and sound in bed after a long day. I was up at 5:00 and we left at 6:00. We sat in traffic for a while and ended up rushing to our appt a few minutes late. I still made time to get the kids their donut and myself a coffee (not negotiable). :)
They took the cast off and this is the first time Noah was there for it. She was screaming as usual and Noah looked a little freaked out. The cast guy let him feel the saw so he'd know it doesn't hurt (it only vibrates). After it was off Noah climbed up on the bed with us and just sat there hugging Jordan for a long time. Noah's not much of a hugger so this was such a reminder to me that he is affected when she goes through things.
The doctor x-rayed it and said it looks fine so we were able to leave without a cast. He said that he wants her in a brace 18 hours a day and always when she's walking. He said to see him again after she's been wearing it for 4 weeks straight that much time each day. He also gave us some great advice as to which leg to use for the next surgery (bone grafting) and gave me a few more details on the process of bone grafts and the healing etc.
God SOOO provides in even the smallest detail - we needed an appt at the brace office asap to get the brace so I called them. It so happens that my friend's mom is the scheduler there (Brett Thomas' mom - Jane at SCOPE in Mission Viejo). She answered so I told her our situation but the orthotist was booked unti lThursday. He moved things around for us and told us to come at 1:00 for a fitting. This is the same guy who saw us for free a while back when we were out of insurance money and stuck without a brace. He was wonderful and kind and so generous with his time. We've heard so many good things about him. Today he was SUPER with Jordan (she was scared again, as usual) and she even gave him a big hug afterward. He is rushing the brace so hopefully it'll be done by Friday. We were all home in time for short naps then the kids spent an hour and a half in the bath together. It was great to see her leg back to normal and to scrub off all that nasty skin. I put lotion on it and even painted her toe nails. Yay! I am so happy to have that cast off. We have five weeks until the next surgery and I'm so thankful to have a little extra time without casts. She stood on it for a few seconds tonight but won't stand or walk on it yet. Shan is taking her to physical therapy tomorrow morning so I'm praying she starts walking on it there.
Off to bed now after a long day -


sabrinahendsbee said...

What a wonderful answer to prayer! So glad Jordan has some freedom from the case, even if only for five weeks. I'll be praying for her PT.

sabrinahendsbee said...

Oops, I meant to say "cast" not "case" :)

Chiara said...

Thank you for sharing the good news! Jordan's foot looks awesome! I love how all the little details are blessed by God. Jordan looks super happy to be in the tub with bubbles and no cast! I see that hole in the heel of the cast that you were mentioning before . . .!

RebeccaMillsap said...

Awesome news Jen! Her foot is looking great too! I love hearing how God provides! So glad you were able to get the brace appointment so quickly!

RebeccaMillsap said...

I also want to say, what a sweet big brother Noah is to hug his sissy :) He's one of the sweetest boys I know Jen! :)

Anonymous said...

Jen,I don't get a chance to check your blog that often but when I do I just sit in awe of how great our Father is and how amazing you all have been through all this! I am so glad it has worked out with SCOPE and that you like Randy. He is great guy and I will make sure to mention your blog to my mother in law. Love, Tobi