Monday, February 16, 2009

T'was the night before...

Okay the kids are in bed, things are set out and this is the earliest I've been almost ready for bed. Usually I'm heading to bed around midnight to get up at 4. I'll give you the scoop then get to bed.

The surgery is set for 8:15 tomorrow morning (Tues 2/17) and should only take an hour and a half. She'll recover for a little while then we'll go home. Yes, you read that right - we'll go home. If all goes according to plan she might make it home in time for lunch. Isn't that strange? It's outpatient and that's the way it goes but we're glad because it's one less day of insurance co-pays and less chance to be exposed to the germs that live in hospitals.

Tonight the anesthesiologist (spelling?) called to check in with us. He asked if she is healthy. Shan told him about the cold she got this week - he talked to us a bit about it, asking lots of questions and said that he'll have to assess her tomorrow and decide if he'll be able to do the surgery. It really was a minor cold - no fever, no chest issues, typical 3-5 day pattern for the common virus. Regardless, he sounds quite conservative so we are praying that we will be able to go through with it, safely of course.

My mom took us to dinner at Cheesecake Factory tonight so the kids got to run around at the mall and play on the playground. They had a total blast and it was a great night. Thanks Mom! :)

Every surgery seems to take more of an emotional toll on Jordan and I can already see it. She was really weepy tonight and kept saying "No owie!" in the bath and pointing to her foot. She understands what is going on so as she gets older each surgery gets harder. It's also more sad to me (us) each time because we know that it's hard for her to have to sit on the couch for another six weeks after just being done with three months in a cast. We just feel sad for her I guess. Noah also seems really clingy tonight and actually followed me out when I was putting the car seat in. He kept asking where I was going, where I was taking Jordan and why he couldn't go with me. That's not typical of him - he's been keeping his eye on us all night. It'll be good for him to go tomorrow and see that it's no big deal.

As you go to bed and wake up please pray for us to be able to have the surgery as planned. Pray for wisdom for doctors as they decide the type of splint/cast to use and as they do the surgery. Pray for the best outcome physically and for Jordan emotionally. Tonight as she was in bed, upset she asked to pray again. I love seeing her find comfort in talking to God and I pray that these experiences will be a time of God drawing her to Him so that she will learn out of habit to trust in God until she repents and fully puts her faith in Him. Also pray for contentment on our part regardless and for us to bring glory to God during stressful times.

We'll post tomorrow afternoon during naps some pictures and updates.

Thanks everyone!! :)

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Anonymous said...

This is wonderful to see Jordan and Noah and to hear all the details of the surgery. What a great family! Will continue to pray for all of you.
Friends of Don & Lana
Dorothy Tankersley