Monday, June 29, 2009

My Two Fish

I posted that Noah started swim lessons last week and he's doing so much better every day. Saturday at the city pool he jumped off the edge into the water, made his way to the wall underwater then pulled himself up back out of the pool - more times than I can count. He's super excited about swimming so we'll see how it goes tomorrow at class again.

My mom wanted to put Jordan is swim class along with Noah but I was concerned with her sensory issues (vestibular problems) and wondered how it would go anyway with her foot and just her being behind in her gross motor skills in general. The teacher offered to see Jordan in the evening when she sees her special needs kids but after talking more she felt Jordan wasn't ready yet. She told me to start putting her in the shower, getting her face/head wet and just getting her more used to the water. She also said that she'd meet with us one time as a freebie to help us with ideas to work with her on our own to prepare for swimming.

I took her tonight and of course she clung to me and screamed when I let her go but it really wasn't that bad. As soon as Ms. Connie took her and was really firm with her she did very well. Ms. Connie actually got her in an inner tube kicking her legs by herself and she really does kick pretty well. She also got her underwater twice before she really freaked out but Connie kept putting her under until she calmed down enough to ask to please be taken to the steps. She also got her on her back floating with only one hand on the back of Jordan's head. When I tried to do those things with her it was really bad. I was so nervous and tense and Jordan wouldn't do it, she kept screaming and I really just wanted to watch Connie work with her as I sat in the chair. Instead, Connie says she wants to work with me at least another time before I do anything with Jordan in the pool by myself. I was totally surprised by my response to her fear and her screaming. Usually I think I do really well when she is scared, screaming, and everything else that we've had to work through with her but she looked so tiny in the pool and was so scared. Connie says that this is the summer we need to work with her on swimming because she's getting older, she's cognitively able to do it and responds like a typical toddler to the water (scared but not dealing with an abnormal reaction like some of her special needs kids with autism etc.) and if we wait she'll just become more afraid.
I'll be meeting with Connie again Thursday at 5:00 to work on this again and then she said I can get in the pool one week from Thursday possibly during Noah's class so she can help me a bit just with verbal direction.
Okay so enough of this long post. I wish I had pictures but I was in the water so I'll try to get some soon.


Joy Howse said...

Oh the joys of teaching a little one to swim. My almost 5 year old is still so scared of the water. She has a death grip on the person holding her and freaks out if she thinks you are going to let her go for even a second. I really do hope that changes as she continues lessons.

Jane Grundman said...

Hi Jen, Keep up the good work! Although I understand Jordan has sensory issues I agree with her swim instructor.....she is ready and you will do a great job with Jordan. Kylie has taken swim lessons she went from not wanting to get her face wet to jumping off the side and swimming. I say this only because we thought there was no way she would cooperate. Sometimes she cried butshe still followed directions and loves the water now!
Take care,

Megan said...

How exciting! Go Jordan!

Jeff Johnson said...

I stumbled upon your website looking for info on mrs Connie's swim lessons for my 2 year old daughter. I just wanted to say that your daughter is absolutely beautiful and reading your blog made me smile. Best of luck to you!!
Jeff J