Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yay Noah!!!!!!!!!!

What a huge week it's been at our house and it's only Wednesday!!
Noah had his first swim lesson yesterday and today he rode a bike with no training wheels!
Yay! What a big boy we have!


Joy Howse said...

They grow up so fast. I was showing my husband the video and his only comment was, 'dang I need to get back into shape for the next two kiddos. As of now I wouldn't be able to run after them like that.' :) Get him some exercise at the same time.

Jennifer Gray said...

Joy - you are so sweet to leave notes here. :) Thanks for reading our blog.
Aiden looks so good! How old is he?

Chiara said...

How are swim lessons, Jen? Carter really liked them! He got a little scared the last two lessons, but he was scared at home about everything too all of a sudden (little phase he went through). His goal was to get to dive off that diving board, and he was SO excited to do so. Hope your summer is going well!