Sunday, November 08, 2009

Halloween 09

My mom got Noah a Jeff Gordon Nascar racing suit and Jordan was going to be the usual - a princess. However at the last minute I decided Jordan would do something different for a change. One of the many years past when we missed Halloween due to surgeries for Jordan I grabbed a few costumes from a marked down $1 bin. Among those was a cute bumblebee suit. It was absolutely perfect and totally adorable on her! My favorite so far.
Our church put on a giant "Fall Fest" as an alternative to Trick-or Treating and it was a total blast. Nearly 8,000 people went (from the community - our church isn't that big) so thankfully they had a great toddler area which was perfect for our kids.
Noah and his friends Dylan and Sheadon. These boys are so sweet with each other and have such similar personalities. It's nice to see their bond and affection for each other.
This is Miss Hawley (Katie) who is a dear friend's sister. Isn't she beautiful?!!

This is Braydon - seriously it's so funny with these two. They both are smitten with each other and ask about each other randomly through the week. Look at his sweet face looking at Jordan!

Not quite a modified Nascar race car but I guess an elephant bumper car will have to do.

They are SOOO cute!!!!

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