Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sewing, sewing, sewing...

I have two upcoming sewing this Tuesday, Nov 24th and then another one the following Tuesday the 1st of December. We're set for people to sew this week but still have room to fill this house with machines by the 12/1 date. I worked my way through a couple patterns tonight and I don't feel like the expert by any means. In fact I'm thankful one is finished finally and it's not midnight. One pattern I tried didn't work out for me so I went back to an online pattern that worked when I put the two together. Here's what I ended up with. Oh and the back of the gown wasn't supposed to be the pink fabric but the cutting out of the pieces got messed up so I had to work with what I had.

My first ruffled's harder than it looks. It's a pain, actually. Not sure how that's gonna work out on Tuesday. Hmmm.....

Front of the gown...notice I skipped the ruffling on the bottom. Too much work.

Bummer that this fliped sideways but I wanted to give another example of a refurbished project.
This took 10 min or so.
Jordan had an adorable Minnie Mouse t-shirt that was too short - her little belly hung out the bottom. I couldn't bear to throw it away so I opted to add a little ruffle on the bottom. She also has some black pants that are too short...I might just add some polka dotted length to those too.

Isn't this shirt just "soooooo cute?!"

Okay so be praying for out time Tuesday night that it would be fun and productive. Pray that the pattern/sewing would go easily and quickly and that the women who are great at sewing will be able to make it since it would be the blind leading the blind otherwise.
Also please be praying that this week as I talk to Children's Hosptial Orange County that they'd allow us to deliver the gowns, that they would prove useful, and that I (and whoever else) will be able to begin to spend time with some of the moms who have children there.

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Jane Grundman said...

Hi Jen, Everything looks so cute. I will continue to pray for you. I am interested in helping out by speaking to any moms of children which were born with a cleft. Or any moms which need support. Please keep me in mind if you find a need.