Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gma's Visit

Here is the group!

Here's my mom and myself at Lucille's. Thanks mom for all your help and your willingness to travel to be with us!!! We missed you Pop Pop!

Here's Jordan enjoying her new mouth! She is SUCH an eater! Now that she is able, she eats anything in sight and tons of it. It's really fun to watch.
Here are a few shots from my mom's recent visit. We went to dinner at Lucille's in Lake Forest to see what she thought of Orange County's version of deep south cuisine. We LOVED it. She still insists that her family makes the food better but I'm not so sure. This place is SO good - thank you to the Gilmores for telling us about it.


Chiara said...

Hmmm! Did you have the biscuits with butter and honey? Yum!

Sarah Cox said...

You look gorgeous in these pictures. (no suprise). :)

And I love the one of Jordan with the watermelon.

Glad you got to visit with your mom & I'm glad to see her too!

Alison Kroeker said...

Jordan eating the watermelon is an adorable picture!! She looks like she's enjoying every bite!!! She's come so far!!!