Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Please Pray

Some of you have heard about, read about or are somehow connected to a member of the Levasheff family. Drake and Christina have two children - one of which has a terminal illness called Krabbe Disease. He seems to be in the final stages at this point and I ask you to read through their Caring Bridge site and their My Space page to find out how you can pray for them and also to learn from them and their response to such tremendous grief. I plan to write more on this but not tonight - it's too late and we have an early day tomorrow - but please read their postings and take a second to evaluate your own life and your guess at how you would face something so devastating.

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Swimwife said...

I have been reading about Judson on yours and Sarah's blog and finally today visited his blog and saw that he had passed this morning! What a heartwrenching story. Their trust in the Lord is amazing! What an awesome testimony.
love to you