Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sweet Judson Levasheff

Sorry that I forgot to put the website about Judson. You can visit the site at

You can also click on "Links" at the top to go to their My Space page and see videos of him. Amazing - what a sweet boy.

His mom posted at 12:30 today saying that Judson went to be with Jesus at 11:30 this morning. Please read their site, consider their suffering and examine yourselves as we all should. Would we respond in the same way?



ShaWAna said...

I am almost speechless right now. I read every post that is on your site and the whole time, I kept running the name "Levasheff" in my head, wondering why it was so familiar. Once I was done learning all about Jordan's latest surgery, I went back up and hit the link for Judson. When I saw the picture I almost burst out in tears...I KNOW DRAKE! He was my academic counselor when I came to Biola and was a HUGE part of my being able to go through the acceptance process. After not having seen Drake is several years, I saw him momentarily when he attended a meeting at my work a few weeks back but we weren't able to talk as he rushed out at the end. Oh my goodness. How my heart breaks for him and His family but how I rejoice, knowing the hope that we all have as His children! God is so good!

ShaWAna said...

P.S. Shawana is Shawna Thackrah...the Shawana is a family joke. Just in case you were trying to figure out who it is. Ha!

The Seager Family said...

The fact that they give glory to the Lord in the toughest of times is such a testament to their faith. Although Judson is gone from this earth, he is with Jesus. And that is the best place for him to be.
Check our blog for a cute pic of Chase.

Yvonne F. said...


Thank you for sharing this precious story and challenging us to examine ourselves. It is evident that God has given you such a giant heart with what you have been through. I cried all the way through as I read Jud's to my children. My heart goes out to this family but so thankful they have the arms of Jesus around them.

And isn't it a small world Shawna?!