Monday, January 28, 2008

63 Years

My grandma and grandpa (my dad's parnents) have been married for 63 years now and are facing some of life's toughest hurdles. My grandma has Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Cancer while my grandpa recently had a triple bypass for the 2nd time around and now has an infection that has him beginning his second month in the hospital on a ventilator. He's been completely out of it until the past couple of days and they are hoping he will begin to get better so he can go home eventually. The top picture is of a visit my grandma took to the hospital last Saturday. It is quite a trip for her to make it from Palmdale to Hollywood to see him but it was worth every minute of all of our time to see them together. She came with lipstick on, her hair done and such a smile when she saw him. You can see her smiling at him in this picture. When they left he touched her face for a long time...look at the person next to you (hoping it's your spouse, ha ha) and imagine you both 50-60 years from now. Strange to think isn't it???? Imagine losing that person. So hard! We should never take for granted the people in our lives. We should invest in them for the long haul.
I'm posting this as a prayer request - that you would take time during your day, as believers, to pray on their behalf. Pray ultimately for God's will in their lives and for those of us around them to know what our part is in their trial. We are called to serve others and to love others but sometimes, practically speaking, that has challenges when our own lives are so full. The very least we can do for one another, as Christ commands, is to pray for one another.


Brook said...

Thanks for posting the picture! I haven't seen them in so long, and it was so precious to see Grandma's smile. I can only imagine how much they must miss each other.

RebeccaMillsap said...

Hey Jen!
If you ever need someone to watch the kids so you can go visit, we're around EVERY DAY except Wednesdays! :) Miss you