Wednesday, May 14, 2008

She's Got Wheels

At 19 1/2 months Jordan is already behind the wheel. :) I guess to be totally truthful I have to say she's behind wheels (plural). :)

We (her physical therapist, Shan and myself) are feeling like we are running out of ideas to get Jordan moving on those legs. Her foot is down enough that she is stable "enough" and when she has her tennis shoes on with her inserts in her shoes she should be very stable. We've dealt with a lot of her sensory issues (feeling unstable when not secure physically). We've worked on strengthening her legs and are working on her core muscles. We've started with some cool strappy things to support her while she's upright, then we moved to parallel bars on to a small bar in front while she walks but the desire and the security just doesn't really seem to be there.

Today her physical therapist gave us (loaned us) a walker (praise God because we are out of orthopedic money with our insurance).

The Woodwards stopped in for a surprise visit today and Hudson Man tried showing Jordan that it's no big deal to walk in this thing. Isn't he so cute????!!!

She liked it okay at therapy but as you can tell from the picture she hated it once we got home. We tried having Noah walk in it and even Jordan's little friend, Hudson used it but she couldn't care less. She can totally walk in it without problem and it can be a wonderful tool for all of us. I would have to carry her less, she could potentially walk in this thing everywhere possible and it seems that would make her walk alone that much quicker. The problem is that she doesn't seem to like it.

I'll keep you posted as to her progress.


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