Sunday, May 04, 2008

Jordan's First Haircut and More

Jordan has had a mullet for a while now. Another way I've heard her hair described (lovingly by a friend as we were laughing) was business in the front and party in the back. Her hair has been getting so long in the back but not growing in the front so we decided to trim the back. I did it myself so it's probably not great but it works and is so cute. We just keep staring at her realizing how big she looks and how old she's getting. Sadly, we're seeing the baby grow up.

I also posted a few pictures from today after church. We were playing outside and laughing because Noah wanted to ride in Jordan's baby walker and Jordan was content riding on his tricycle. Typical of both of them. Again we were struck by how big she looks on his bike. The last picture is of Jordan mesmerized by a ladybug. So cute!
More posts to come!


Chiara said...

Doesn't time fly by!? The haircut looks great! I want to learn how to cut Carter's hair so I can save some money, but using a razor is scary to me!

diana said...

Her hair looks totally cute...for a while my Noahs hair would only grow in the front....(he started to look like Eddie Munster)....I know what you mean by sad to see them grow up...too fast! but amazing at the same time...