Thursday, May 07, 2009

Pin Removal Surgery Update

Today went really well. We really had such a great day. We took Jordan to speech this morning then headed up to UCI. While we were waiting to go back we played with a beautiful black lab (a hospital therapy dog) then when we went back all the nurses and anasthesiologists recognized us from the last surgery. It was really fun. We chatted and the kids hung out. Jordan barely cried (usually everyone on the floor knows we're coming because she's hysterical). She didn't even really cry much when they took her.
We got her ready then gave her Verced (spelling) to mellow her out and the surgery only took 20 minutes or so. Dr. Jones cut an opening then pulled the pin out (yes with pliers) and stitched it up. Simple as that. When we went back to recovery (Noah and I - Shan couldn't come today due to work) she was asleep for a long time with a little oxygen mask on. Noah seemed a bit unnerved and kept saying he didn't want me to leave him alone with her. He was rubbing her cheek and talking softly to her. After a while I figured she was over the medicine and simply napping and I didn't want to spend the afternoon hanging around while she got her beauty sleep. I shook her a bit and she woke up. She cried quite a bit this time afterward. She was kind of angry too which is all just a result of the anasthesia. After a while I told her it was enough crying that she needed to stop crying and start getting ready to go (I was a bit stern). She stopped crying instantly then slyly looked over at the nurse and smiled this funny smile. We all cracked up. She is so dramatic. It's hilarious.
After we left there we went to Disneyland - yes Disneyland an hour after her surgery. Noah was reminded of Ephesians 6:1-? "Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right. This is the first commandment with a promise THAT THINGS WILL GO WELL WITH YOU and you will live a long life on the Earth." His behavior was impeccable while at the hospital. Even being nit-picky I can't find even one time he disobeyed or was not honoring or respectful so as a result things went well for him. We had a great time at Disneyland and then headed to church later for a dinner and dessert with our bible study group.
So all is well here tonight. Jordan is in no pain, not even on Tylenol. Praise God!
I still can't find my camera charger so this was the first surgery we've had with no pictures! Sad!!!! Therefore I have no pics to post. I'm going to dig around this weekend to find it and get back in the game.

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The O'Connell Clan said...

So good to hear things went well! Noah is such an amazing big brother! What a blessing he is! I know not always perfect, but still a super star. Find that charger!