Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Surgery #7

I wish I had pictures to post with this but Shannon has the laptop at his parents tonight so a quick update will have to do.
We went up to Orange (UC Irvine) to do the pre op and on the way up there I was told that Dr. Jones wants to do the pin removal as a surgery rather than in the office. We scheduled it for tomorrow at 1:00. Poor Jordan can't eat or drink anything before the surgery which means she's going to be pretty sad. It should be a really quick one. They'll give her Verced (spelling?) to mellow her out as usual then she'll only be in there for a very short time. All he has to do is give a local pain killer (like at the dentist) then make a little cut and pull the pin out. I'm not even sure if he'll put in any stitches.
Earlier this week I had a pretty bad attitude about it (time, copay cost of surgery versus office visit, stress on her, sedation, etc.) but thankfully I had recently had a conversation with my friend, Sarah, about how we should never complain. If we love God and believe in His promise to us (as those with a right relationship with Him through Christ's death and resurrection) then why would we ever complain?? All things are within God's reach and all divinely appointed or permitted. I am going to do my part to trust in God and then also try to make it a fun day. God has so graciously given me a perspective of joy and thankfulness regarding surgeries. Honestly I actually enjoy surgery day as much as possible and look forward to special "fun" time with Noah while we wait and undivided time with Jordan for the hours in pre-op leading up to it then the fact that she lets me hold her the rest of the day afterward is nice too. I feel bad for her if she's in pain but thankfully modern medicine has made it bearable. The worst part at this point is her anxiety about it. If I tell her ahead of time she gets weepy and distracted and really talks about it so much. I just try to see it as an opportunity to pray with her and reminder her of Philippians 4 where we're instructed to "not be anxious about anything but in everything by prayer and petition presents our requests to God." When we do that "the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus."
Thanks for checking in - I hope to post pictures soon...
One last quick prayer request:
My mom met a man who puts together motivation videos for Kyle Maynard. Kyle was born without limbs but he has overcome major obstacles. The producer has followed our blog and wants to include photos and video of Jordan in their next movie. He's waiting so patiently for me to get pictures and video to him but in the past couple months Shannon's computer crashed losing thousands of pictures and video clips, my cd burner died on my computer which has a few pictures, my computer screen died last week along with my mouse, my camera charger is missing and I am struggling to get the video and pictures together for him on a dvd. I'm tempted to give up but it seems to be slowly coming together with the help of a neighbor and my brother. I'm praying that even with our busy medical schedule for Jordan right now that I will have the time and the means to gather what Takashi needs for this video. Pray with me please.

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