Sunday, May 03, 2009

Thanks mom!!!!!

I've been dying for a baby carrier to use for Jordan. Her strength and stamina are not so great due to her leg issues and surgeries as well as generaly lack of use over time. Because of this she won't walk far and has become reliant on me holding her. My mom and step dad gave us annual Disneyland passes for Noah's birthday (another post soon to come) and when we were at Disneyland one day I held Jordan most of the day. I could hardly get up the next morning because my back ached. When we were at Disneyland a mom saw me carrying her and recommended this baby carrier she had. It's an Ergo Baby Carrier and can carry children up to and sometimes beyond 40 lbs. They can be carried on your back, front or hip. They are very expensive so I enlisted the help of some professional Ebay folks to find a used one. Not possible. These things are in such demand you can't find a used one around.

As a Mother's Day gift my my so generously purchased one for me!!! I am totally beside myself and cannot wait to get it. It should be here by the end of the week - just in time for another day at Disneyland. We are so blessed!!!!
I posted a picture for you to see the beauty - I got the chocolate brown one on the left. Isn't it gorgeous???!!
Thanks mom!!!


Jane Grundman said...

Hi Jen,

What a wonderful Mother's Day gift. We would live to meet you guys at Disneyland sometime. We will pray for Jordan and your family for things to go smoothly with the pin.

Jane and family

NerdyMom said...

I got to carry my friend's son in an Ergo - what a great carrier. I know you and Jordan will love it!

Angela Robinett said...

Hi Jen. It's been a while since I've peeked at your blog and I just had the chance to get caught up. You are one of the strongest, Godliest women I've ever known and the perfect mommy for Jordan Joy. I feel your love for her in your words and it brings me to tears! God bless you all and please know you are in my prayers!

The O'Connell Clan said...

I loved seeing her in this at cute! Looks so perfect, just what you needed. I love too having a mom that rocks!

Kathryn said...

THANK YOU so much for telling me about this carrier! i did 2 weeks worth of researching to make sure that it was THE carrier to have. and sure enough, i got it and LOVE IT!!!