Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Craniofacial Appt Today

Today was such a stressful, hectic day!
My neighbor picked up Noah for Bible camp at our church, I took Jordan to physical therapy where we were meeting with a PT from the school district (and I forgot what time it started so I was late), after that she had occuapational therapy. Then we dashed to speech and I had to step out to make a work phone call (an appt I made last week - I work from home every other week). After this we picked up lunch, went to church to get Noah and his carseat then headed up to Los Angeles for Jordan's craniofacial/plastic surgery appointment. We were an hour early so I headed to UCLA Medical Center to see if I could show our contact there the hospital gowns women have made already and see if they'd let us donate them. By the time we parked (paid $10) and got inside it was too late for me to find the person so we ran in to get a soda (which Noah dropped on the floor and it exploded all over the cafeteria food area). By now we are REALLY going to be late to the surgeon's appt (he was seeing us for free as a favor so I didn't want to be late at all). I was snapping at Noah to hurry up and then L.A. traffic was horrible! By the time we made it to his office in Santa Monica (5 min late) I was so stressed.
He never speaks directly to patients it seems. He usually says a bunch of medical jargon to his fellows or residents or whomever is there and then he gives me a chance to ask my questions. I took some notes and tried to keep up until I heard him say that he wants to wait until she's six to do the surgery. My heart sank. He orginally said three years old (this Fall) and now he is saying six. He is in his early to mid 70s so now I start to jump ahead to the fact that he may very well not be practicing medicine then. He wants to open up the skin near her left eye, pull out more scar tissue from the amniotic bands, put in some kind of artificial tear duct then open up her left nasal area to do work on her nose. He wants to do it all at once and he wants to wait until her orbit (the circular bone the eye sits in) is more than 90% developed (six years old). I was beyond deflated. I asked him if he could just do the nose but he wants to wait. I told him to make detailed notes incase he decides to leave before then. He laughed - but I was serious.
In thinking more about it tonight I am still disappointed BUT I can see more clearly now that God chooses our doctors, He chooses the timing, He has his hand on every detail of our days. My wisdom is SO very limited yet I stomp my feet and demand my way. SO stupid!
I always go back to Proverbs 3:5 (Noah used to recite this when he could barely speak) "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding." This is what I will do. And like Paul, I will be content whatever the circumstance.


Joy Howse said...

Sounds like a crazy hectic day. That verse is one that plays OVER and OVER in my head, yet I need to beat it into my head sometimes because I don't seem to LIVE it! UGH!! When will I learn?

Megan said...

This post is so encouraging to me. To see how you continually rely on God alone. Thanks. I love you!

Chiara said...

Good job, Jen! I am so with you in this struggle. We have our minds made up as to what is best, and we are in disbelief when God doesn't agree with us. It is actually humorous writing this! : ) Thank goodness for His patience!