Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Updates and Progress

We got to go camping with our marriage group at church and it was so fun! Jordan rode on the Sea Doo and in the boat and she gradually warmed up to being in the water.

Speaking of water...here is the little bug during a swim class. Ms. Connie (Swim Early) in Mission Viejo has taken us under her wing and has been helping us with Jordan's swimming. She has seen us twice in the evening and once during an older kids class. She has been instructing me in how to teach Jordan to swim. Jordan has SUCH a great back float and to think she HATES to be on her back. This was only the third time being in the pool. If anyone is interested in classes she teaches from April to August and is always booked. I can get you more info if you'd like it.

I LOVE this picture! Jordan is totally a Papa's girl and this picture shows it. It's not that she doesn't adore her grandmas and other grandpas but she and Papa were cut from the same mold and it's so funny to see. They both thought it was so funny that she had his hat on.

I met with Jordan's hand surgeon, Dr. Jones, last month. I assumed it was going to be a goodbye since he has said in the past that there isn't much more he can do for her but he told me at our appt that he plans to eventually work more on her hands in the future. He said that he will work a bit on the appearance sometime too and will try again to widen the web space between her shorter fingers (he said that he couldn't do any more at her last surgery because of the nerves in the hand). We love our Dr. Jones and are so thankful for him. He asked for a copy of this picture by the way. :) Very cute. They all just laugh and laugh at Jordan every time we go. This last visit may have been the first time she was at the doctors without screaming. The staff way on the other side of the office (around two hallways) saw us either this visit or the one before and said, "Oh wow, we didn't even know you were here - we didn't hear a thing!" Funny.

We painted our kitchen and family room recently and the kids helped. Jordan wanted to be in the midst of everything, of course.

Here are our tomato and strawberry plants. Jordan LOVES vegetables (even onions, mushrooms and similar things) so she eats these by the dozen.

This picture cracks me up because it really shows what she is always doing. She is either making pretend food for us, cleaning things with baby wipes, caring for her babies or watering plants. She's such a busy little homemaker!

Okay so onto more medical stuff...
Jordan's speech therapy funding ends at the end of the month through Regional Center. She has made fantastic gains and her therapist is trying to get her into a social group for the month of August until sheh turns three. She needs a lot of prompts by me with her peers and seems to find it easier to just play alone. I'm not concerned with her speech anymore and although she struggles with some sounds (motor planning) I am confident that it'll work out.
Physical Therapy:
She is also doing GREAT in this area!
Her strength is way up, her stamina, her balance, her coordination and her range of motion in her foot seem so much better too. She still fatigues easily, falls a lot, can't go up or down stairs/steps by herself yet and she isn't running but overall it's much better. Her therapists are shocked at her progress.
Occupational Therapy (fine motor and eating):
She's doing much better here too. She continues to build strength in her new thumb and she is using it much more now. After the surgery her arm usually just hung by her side and she inefficiently did everything with her left hand. Strength is our focus now for her right thumb.
I'm posting separately on this one.
We meet for a follow-up August 18th with her foot surgeon to find out if she can be done with the leg brace. I'm hoping he says yes but it really doesn't bother her or us for her to wear it and if it gives her better odds of not having the surgery re-done we'll do it.

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Joy Howse said...

That's a big update and major improvement on her part. It amazes me how resilent little ones are.

I am impressed with the floating. My little miss (almost 5) was phobic of the water but has now calmed down, but still will not even try to float on her back.

Hope you have a blessed week.