Friday, July 24, 2009

Homemade Ice Cream in the Summer!

I am so excited to post this -
When I was a kid summers were spent at my grandparents house (that they built themselves when my dad was young) in the swimming pool (that they put in themselves), and ocassionally eating ice cream (that my grandpa made himself). I especially remember many a 4th of July with all of my cousins and family swimming, jumping off the diving board, eating in the backyard then lighting fireworks and eating homemade peach ice cream. Shannon, the kids and I were in Bakersfield recently visiting the Woodwards and we had delicious homemade vanilla ice cream (thanks Jen Garcia!!!). It brought back such memories! We went to visit my family in Palmdale on our way home and I mentioned to my dad that I'd love to have Grandma and Grandpa's old ice cream maker. If you read back through the blog you'll see that my grandpa died a year ago last April (on Noah's birthday). Since then my dad has asked me if there is anything special I'd like of my grandpas. I asked him if I could have it and we set out searching for it. If you look at the pictures from about a year ago on the blog you'll see that this wouldn't be easy. We searched the service porch, the garage and finally out to the barn we went and finally found it covered in dust but wrapped in it's original box. My grandpa never threw anything out so we figured it was there somewhere.
I have been so busy since then that today was the only time I had to possibly do it. Shannon's mom was here for dinner so she helped...
(She thinks it is roughly a 1960's model ice cream maker)

Noah was such a helper and the kids were so excited! All through dinner he kept checking on it to make sure it was still okay. When Jordan bumped the door into it he ran in the house and said, "Mommy! Sissy bonked the door into the milkshaker!!" We all laughed so hard.

Jordan seems to like it!


Joy Howse said...

LOL, we just tried out my in-laws OLD ice cream maker this evening as well. The ice cream was good. Maybe you could share your recipe? It did taste similar to what I remember making on Sunday afternoons in the summer. Oh the memories. I am secretly hoping that his parents will let us keep it since they no longer use it. It is also in it's original packaging since his dad throws NOTHING away. Too funny of a coincidence. Enjoy your ice cream. :)

Thrive Care said...

I too had special memories of making Carmel corn with my grandmas popcorn maker! When she passed away the year Robby and I got married, I asked for that! I make it every Christmas now for my family :)

Megan said...

Yeah! I especially love the pic of Jordan eating it!

What a fun memory for you and the kids!

Chiara said...

We had an identical ice cream machine when I was growing up--unfortunately, my parents threw EVERYTHING away or, rather, gave it to Goodwill. I used to eat the rock salt we used--YUCK! Peach ice cream sounds SO GOOD--so full of summer! What a fun tradition with your kids!