Saturday, February 03, 2007

First Surgery Down!
Oh my.
This was rougher on her than we expected and was therefore much harder on us to watch. In the hospital the only part of her that wasn't affected was her trunk. Her left leg had an I.V., her right leg had the toes released from the leg and eight Z-Plasties around her calf to loosen the constriction ring, her right hand had an I.V., her left hand had webbing released, her lip was repaired and she had a nose job. She was in A LOT of pain and was prescribed Morphine every four hours. The only problem with that is that Morphine is a 1 1/2 hour acting drug. Every hour and a half she would start thrashing around and screaming but the nurses couldn't give her anything more than Tylenol with Codeine. SOOO sad!! Finally they called the doctor at 5:00 this morning and they increased the Morphine. By this afternoon she was off the Morphine, only on Tylenol with Codeine and off the oxygen. We were able to get a little milk in her later in afternoon/early evening so they let us bring her home. Unfortunately right when we get her home we realize her nasal stints (these plastic tubes keeping her new nostrils open) are falling out. We panicked and tried to shove them back up into her nose with no success. We're not sure what to do now but are thinking we'll have to take them out until her follow-up with the doctor who can put them back and then show us how to do it.
We are very tired (I'm completely drained!!) and are looking forward to a night of waking up so I'll write more about the experience later. I just wanted to make sure I got pictures out soon and a quick update.
Thank you all for your prayers and your messages of concern!

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Fran Irby said...

I am an employee of APU and your father in law and I have mutual friends. I just wanted you to know that I have been praying for all of you and especially for Jordan since I heard about her surgery. I am so glad to see the pictures and her beautiful smile after the surgery. I'll keep praying for her healing and will be watching the APU prayer requests ( and your blog) for the next steps. I also had a child that needed critical care as a baby, so I am particularly sensitive to your feelings as a mom and the helplessness and tiredness you feel...praying for God's strong hand on your heart for strength, hope and joy! Fran Irby