Wednesday, February 07, 2007

So far Jordan is healing pretty well physically but is having a few setbacks.
--She isn't eating well. For a few weeks we've had a hard time getting her to drink. We've blamed it on several different things (ear infection, reflux, constipation...) but after treating all of them it's even worse now. The doctor was figuring out today how much weight she has gained in the last 48 days and it added up to only 3 oz (technically she gained more but lost it)!! The pediatrician is really concerned and wants us to see a GI doctor as soon as the referral goes through. We're supposed to watch for signs of dehydration and take her to the ER at CHOC if she doesn't start eating more by the time we can get to the specialist. The current theory is that she has developed an aversion to drinking due to her painful reflux. It's so sad - she's starving but won't eat. When we can sneak a little milk in she ends up spitting it up and screaming the whole time. :(
--We can't keep her nasal stints in and can't bear to force them back in while she cries.
--Her face is starting to become really irritated by the tape holding the stints in her nose.

One real blessing we have through this is seeing Jordan's new smile. She was beautiful before but now we just keep staring at her and loving her new look! God has also been so good by reminding me daily of the blessings we have.

I'll post a picture of that beautiful new smile tomorrow. :)


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Lori H said...

It sounds like the surgeries went well. Her smile is gorgeous. She has the prettiest, poofy little baby lip now! I'm sorry to hear about her other problems. I've dealt with acid reflux with Devynn, not that young, though. I am keeping a few people here at Taft updated about her progress. Judy Ammann is keeping preschool up to date.

Your blog is wonderful. It probably helps to be able to tell people about everything in this kind of forum.

You are in our thoughts and prayers.