Friday, February 09, 2007

On the Road to Recovery!!

Jordan had another long day today but now officially has her new lip.
She had her stitches taken out this morning in her lip and nose and looks beautiful. She'll wear her nose stints (nose shapers with the tape holding them in) for six months and will wear the "no-nos" on her arms for two more weeks to keep her hands away from her face.

She also had her orthopedic check up where Dr. Rosenfeld removed her cast to check the stitches on her leg where they released the band and to re-set her foot. The front of the leg looks fantastic but I'm a little concerned about the back. It's still quite indented. Dr. Rosenfeld thinks it's just the swelling. Either way, it's MUCH better. Her foot can't just be pulled all the way down so they are doing it in stages. Her cast is a little smaller this week but she still isn't ready for a short cast so it still goes up to her diaper. He also removed the bandages on her hand where he released the webbing of two fingers. It looks really good and she's already moving her fingers a bit more. We're cleared to start occupational and physical therapy two times a week for her in Dana Point (yes, that's on top of the one appt a week she has to see the doctor). Please pray for her therapy to start soon, for Noah to be taken care of during these appts and for her to progress rapidly with the use of her hands.

We, of course, had another set back with insurance hassles and getting in to see a G.I. specialist for her reflux. Her pediatrician told us to go to the emergency room tonight to get fluids in her but she's not showing signs of severe dehydration so we're waiting and keeping an eye on her. He tried to get her admitted but there were no beds so we'd have to spend the night in the ER if we went. She is up from seven ounces in a day to 11 so far today. That's more than she's had in one day since before the surgery. Pray for us to get in asap to the specialist and for them to find the problem and fix it.

Thanks so much for all the phone calls and meals. They've been SO appreciated. I don't know what we'll do once my mom and step-dad go home on Sunday but you can all be sure we'll be calling on your many offers of help. Noah has had a really tough time adjusting which makes us feel guilty when we're tending to Jordan's many needs right now. We're trying to remember that he is learning the best lesson ever - to consider others above himself. Pray for our adjustment as a family and for Noah's patience and love for Jordan.


Jenny said...

Hi guys!!
What great pictures-- her lip and nose look BEAUTIFUL!!! Praise God for a safe and successful surgery, and for tremendous healing already. We will continue to pray for her healing, and for you to be able to get in to see the GI specialist, and also for Noah's adjustment. Know that you have so much support with your family at CBC!
I'd love to bring a meal next week after your mom leaves...??
Love you guys!!
Jenny & Jeremy

Doug & Debbie said...

Dear Shannon and Jennifer,

The doctor's did such wonderful work, Jordan is so precious. Can't believe you got her to smile. We'll be in touch,

God bless you,

Debbie Maxwell
Compass Prayer Team

RebeccaMillsap said...

Hey Jen!

Abby would love to play with Noah whenever you would like! I read that Jordan has 3 appointments a week now. Feel free to call me up. Ab's and I are home everyday! :)

Rebecca :)

tobi said...

Hi Guys!

You both are amazing and Jordan looks beautiful! You all are in our prayers. We are here for you for anything you need...don't hesitate to call. We love you guys!
The Thomas Family