Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I just wanted to encourage everyone in the fact that things are looking up for the Gray Family. Jordan is on a new medication that coats her throat so that the damage to it doesn't cause her pain. Literally, an hour after her first dose she drank an entire 6 oz bottle without even a whimper.

Praise the Lord for His provision!

We're working on insuarance approval for a longer term acid blocker for her to take so the throat doesn't get irritated so badly again but it sounds like it should go through. She is so much less fussy and actually smiles again. Noah is adjusting well this week too. He even kissed her yesterday and has been warming up to me again after beign jealous of my time with Jordan.

I'm glad to say that we won't have too many more postings for the blog for a while since all is going so well. I can't thank you all enough for your prayers and for your encouragment and offers of assistance. When we look back on this time in our lives you will all be a part of this challenging but amazing time in our lives when we were able to see God's hand at work in so many ways.

Shannon, Jen, Noah, Jordan Joy (and Peekay and Junior too!)


Nonie said...

Praise the Lord!! We will still keep you in Prayer!! Hope to see you Friday.



Michelle Simms said...

Thanks for the great pictures - you have two beautiful blessings! Praise God for the relief from the reflux! We'll continue to pray for your precious family!
In the lavish love of Christ, Michelle Simms & family

Rick said...

Hi Jennifer, Shannon, and kids, I'm so happy to see that Jordan's surgery is going so well, her lip looks beautiful. I saw your mom last night; she had me bring up the web page and was showing it to everyone... I hope everything with the insurance works out for you... Take care, Love, Cousin Ricky