Sunday, March 02, 2008

Compss Bible Church Marriage Retreat - Take One

Here's my sweet man! Doesn't he have a great smile? Normally Shannon has NO patience for pictures. If I don't get it right the first one or two tries he's over it and refuses to try anymore. The problem is that we have two kids under three and also have to take into account the fact that Shan likes to blink at every flash. We never get the shot right the first time. Last night, however, Shan was willing to pose all night long to get a good picture just to get out of dancing!

The decorations and set up were SO fun and so well done! the people in charge of throwing this retreat did a wonderful job and every detail was thought of. Great job!!!!! (I forgot to rotate the picture - sorry)

Alison and Cheyenne Kroeker are a couple we've known for a while now but have yet to really get to know until this weekend. We LOVED sitting with them finding out about their "unique" stories. Thanks to Cheyenne's colorful past we won the table contest the first day and were able to eat lunch before anyone else. Just a few details...he was born in Vietnam (or was it Guam?), he has been to nearly every country, he has been in a plane crash, has had a collapsed lung, eaten alligator and pirranha, and was adopted (the list really does go on and on but I can't remember all the crazy details). Alison is also interesting in her travels and as a surprise to me, was raised in China. We had so much fun with you guys and miss having meals with you already!

Another couple we love dearly are the Youngmans. Our bond with them started at Pacific Coast Church a few years ago and has grown since their triplets were born the day before Jordan at the same hospital. We were able to pray for each other through our individual trials one floor apart at the same hospital at the same time. Their challenges with their babies really put our struggles and anxiety for Jordan into perspective. I was in labor getting updates, knowing that their babies were fighting for their lives one floor away from me. It was a huge blessing to me because it really caused me to pray for and weep for them as they were praying and weeping for their children. As our babies have grown into toddlers we've also shared doctors, hospitals, therapy advice, and resources for our girls. I'm hoping that our friendship will grow even stronger through the years and that our kids will also grow a love for each other that sees beyond challenges and differences. Thanks Darren for being the volunteer photographer for our church and for giving your time and resources so generously! Thanks also to Lisa for volunteering her time with Navigating Motherhood! I am so excited to see lives changed through her and through her testimony!

Another (one of many) funny Cheyenne stories...we had an amazing steak dinner last night and afterward while we were sitting around waiting for the country music to start so Shan could work on his moves, Cheyenne at a pile of mint candies. Everyone thought he was just really enjoying them but as it turns out he thought they were the dessert! We laughed so hard! None of us missed the dessert table with hot coffee, tea, brownies, and warm bread pudding! Good one Cheyenne! :) :)

I plan to post more about the messages, the teachings and what I am taking from this weekend. It's just too late tonight so I'll write more tomorrow or Tuesday.

Thanks for being faithful bloggers!


Chiara said...

What fun! I was so glad to see many Thrive couples attending. The three couples you mention here, and I know the Carlsons, Primicerios, and the Millsaps were there too. It looks like it was SO fun. God is so good!

Shannon said...

It was so great to chat with you for a minute at the retreat (wasn't it an awesome weekend?) I look forward to getting to know you better...and possibly even running that 5K with you :)

Christa Blakey said...

Jen it was so good to see you guys at the retreat. Great pictures and recap, looking forward to your thoughts on the messages:).

Alison Joy Kroeker said...

Wasn't the marriage retreat such an amazing blessing and filled with awesome teaching! I'm so glad you and Shan decided to come last minute!! We really enjoyed getting to know you two better! Thanks for sharing in all the laughter! So many memories and blessings!

RebeccaMillsap said...

Hi Jen!
I'm so glad you and Shannon got to come to the marriage retreat and were able to have such a great time! It sounds like you had a great table of friends too! We enjoyed visiting with you both! :)

PS Your picture of the two of you is really cute :) Robby's the same way with photos ;) Posing two times is too many ;)

Alison Joy Kroeker said...

Oh, and yes he was born in Vietnam!! (not Guam!)! See you tomorrow!

The O'Connell Clan said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Cute pic of Shan and you!