Sunday, March 02, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

Shannon and I were at our church's marriage retreat this weekend. I'm planning on posting about that soon but first I wanted to share some pictures and talk briefly about how blessed we are in our lives.

Shan's parents watched the kids while we were gone and Peter and Kristen Freska took care of them until Shan's mom could get here (our faithful, loving friends who ALWAYS come through in a pinch for us - Jordan's first birthday party was at their house due to rain...they called us to offer their home and wouldn't take no for an answer!). It's funny how getting away really makes you appreciate what you have at home. Although our hotel was amazing and the friendship, teaching, and great food was all wonderful there is truly nothing like home.

When we got home today Shan's parents took us to our usual spot in San Clemente - Fisherman's at the SC pier for wings and chowder. It was the most beautiful sunset, Noah was cracking us up singing Blessed Be Your Name (how right he was in choosing that song!), Jordan sat in Daddy's lap watching everyone go by and we played on the beach afterward before going home to roast marshmallows ("marshmans" as Noah calls them) in our fire place. We have been realizing lately how VERY blessed we are to live in beautiful San Clemente near Shan's parents, close to our church, surrounded by our friends.
We know that God is good regardless of our circumstances but coming home to our family and friends in San Clemente is such a blessing!!!
Stay tuned for my posting on the marriage retreat...


Chiara said...

Beautiful pictures, Jen! I'm so glad the kids were well taken care of in your absence. What a blessing!

RebeccaMillsap said...

It's SO good to read your postings again! I'm hoping to update my blog soon too but all my marriage retreat notes are in the Honda which is in the shop for repairs! :) I'm so glad you had fun getting to know couples better! We sat at a great table too!

Swimwife said...

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful friend that lives in such a beautiful place:)!!!! Can't wait to see you and hang out this week!!
love ya lots!

RebeccaMillsap said...

You look really pretty in your couples photo!

What a great reminder to be so thankful for home :) It's been tough coming back after such a great weekend with just Robby (aka without kids)! I kind of forget how busy a Mom's life is!

How great too to have family to care for our little ones so we can go away and know they're in great hands! :) Thanks for sharing Jen!

Ali & Chy said...

Your children are adorable Jen!!!