Saturday, March 29, 2008

Delinquent Blogger

So sorry to all of you who faithfully check this blog - I've been pretty busy so I haven't updated the page lately. As a friend recently wrote on her blog, you would be amazed at how many blogs I "write" in my head as I go through my day. Insights, funny stories, great things I'm learning, updates on Jordan's progress, etc.

For sure I am planning on posting within the next day or so on:
- The Eggstravaganza
- Easter
- Jordan's AMAZING progress lately (praise the Lord!)
- Shannon's birthday blog post (yes he turned 35 this month)
- Death - In the past month two people I know have died, one has breast cancer and another is ready to give up. I can't help but post my thoughts on this topic.

Stay tuned and thank you for your patience. :) :)

Oh and how do you all like the new look??? I LOVE this background!!!!



Alison Joy Kroeker said...

I DO Love your background too!!! It's so happy feeling! I look forward to reading your blog when you update it! It was great to see you this evening by the way! Can't wait to read your upcoming blogging notes!

The O'Connell Clan said...

LOVE the new background!!!

RebeccaMillsap said...

I wish I knew how to change backgrounds and add links into blog posts! Very nice :)

Happy birthday to Shannon!

Looking forward to getting an update on Jordan too!