Sunday, March 30, 2008

Resurrection Sunday

Our church had a love Old Testament marketplace set up outside for Sunday School for the kids. During our Easter message they were able to experience first hand what it was like during OT days - a petting zoo, a giant bull wandering around, donkeys, dead fish, and the likes. It was really neat and Noah loved it! Jordan didn't love that it was 87 degrees out so we fed the animals, fed ourselves coffee and donuts and headed to Shan's parents' house.

Here are a few pictures from church and then Shan's parents house in La Verne where we spent the afternoon. We are SO thankful that they live close by (about an hour away) and that they are so involved in our lives. We love them tremendously and really appreciate their involvement and investment in our lives.


Chiara said...

You can tell how warm it was that day! Noah's outfit is awesome! I didn't see him that morning.

The O'Connell Clan said...

Beautiful family picture! I love grand parents and the amazing gifts they are in our children's lives!

RebeccaMillsap said...

Such happy smiles! Noah's outfit is adorable!