Monday, November 03, 2008

Blessings from the Williams Family!

Brittney "Bitnee" teaching Jordan how to use the Leapster

Bree, Brooke and Brittney in front of their banner that is taped to the wall in front of Jordan's spot on the couch so she will think of them and smile.

This is SUCH a cute picture of Bree and Jordan.

Brittney, Jordan, Bree, and Brooke

I had SUCH a nice surprise today with some special visitors...
Shannon took Noah to his parents house until tomorrow night when he returns from school (as usual on Mondays/Tuesdays only typically Noah is here with me). My mom was also gone today visiting a friend overnight so it was just Jordan and I here. She was napping and I was making phone calls, setting up some appointments and catching up on emails. Christiane Williams (the director of our church's Navigating Motherhood ministry) and her three girls came over.
Not only did they bring a dinner and homemade bread (her daughters made the bread) but they came with their arms FULL of gifts - precious, hand picked gifts that were once their prized possessions. They brought more stuff for Jordan and Noah than I can list here but I'll share a few things. First they brought in a giant rolled up banner that was tied so pretty with a green string (my favorite color). It was a handmade banner with pictures they drew, pictures of themselves in funny glasses and writing saying "We hope we make you smile!" They even included Noah in one note considering the fact that he may be feeling left out. They brought a special bag for him as well with really fun things they picked for him. They brought things they specifically remembered Jordan liking when she was at their house...jewlery, a Dora jewelery box, Dora sunglasses, a baby doll, and even a stuffed rabbit with a voice recording one of them had when she was little (was that Brooke Christiane??). I have been struggling to keep Jordan occupied on the couch so it was also a GIANT blessing to get a Leapster from the girls too. I still can't believe we have a Leapster! A neighbor got one recently and when I saw the price I knew we wouldn't be getting one any time soon but thought how fun it would be for the kids and here is one from the Williams family they weren't using and wanted us to have. Bree also chose a few special games of hers that she thought Jordan and Noah would be able to use (learning games) that she has outgrown. I could hardly get Jordan to put it down to go out with me tonight. Funny that something so simple now makes it a challenge to get her off the couch when I've been struggling to keep her on it. :) :)
Beyond all the wonderful gifts they brought it was the thought and the sentiment that went into it that really touches me. I am honestly sitting here shocked at their love for Jordan (and Noah) and the fact that today they lived out Phillipians 2:3-4 that says to do nothing out of selfishness (selfish or vain conceit) but consider others better than yourself. This was one of Noah's past memory verses and one that is very important to me as I'm raising him to be someone who truly considers others and always looks to their best interest. What a living example the Williams family is. Honestly, they are always the first to sacrifice for others - their money, their time, their resources, their talents - everything. They would deny it all if asked and humbly insist it was no big deal. I can't thank you girls (and you too Jess) for your thoughtfulness, your time, your treasures and most of all your example to my children of what it means to serve each other. This came on the perfect day at just the right time!
Oh and one more thing - through all the gifts and them even holding her on their laps she had a dirty diaper and they didn't once mention it and it was bad. They are so sweet! :) :) :)
Thank you!!!!!!

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Sarah Cox said...

I am SO happy for you that you have been so taken care of. i am so thankful that God has loved you through them...saw your need & put it on their heart.

I learn so much from Christiane...I will follow her, as she follows Christ...and we know she does!