Saturday, November 29, 2008

One Week...

One week from this coming Tuesday Jordan has an appt to get her foot checked. At 8:30 Tuesday morning (Dec 9th) they should take the cast off, x-ray the foot and take the pin out. If all goes according to plan they will give her a short leg cast and one of those little velcro shoe things over the cast to walk on. Yay! Oh I am totally counting the days and it feels like this week will be forever as we wait. Shan and I were saying the other day how strange it is that we've already forgotten what it's like to see her walking around. This girl would seriously strut her stuff, arms swinging, marching all around doing anything but sitting still. We've gotten used to seeing her sitting or laying on the couch. Baths will also be so much easier and more fun for her. She'll still be in the baby tub but at least we can keep a little water in it for her to be warm. Now it's sponge baths in the baby tub.
I'll be sure to post pictures...I'm seriously wondering how I'm going to hold her foot in the office while the doc pulls that pin out. Apparently it's no big deal...he just pulls out the pin that is holding bones together...and expects me to hold her during it. I am wondering if I should make Noah leave the room or if I should let him watch. Cast your votes everyone....let me know what you think. :)

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Chiara said...

One week to go! Praying for you guys!