Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dentist Follow-Up

I took Noah to see Dr. Yehezkel (Dr. Y) this morning. He loves our dentist and couldn't wait to go. The receptionists and nurses were really excited to see Jordan walking and getting so big (this is Jordan's dentist that she sees somewhat regularly so we decided to make him Noah's dentist). It probably helped that we showed up with homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in hand. :)

Dr. Y took x-rays, wiggled teeth, and poked around in Noah's mouth concluding that the front tooth that is still in place is broken up in the root and will die and turn gray. We will watch it for infection and it will probably fall out sooner than the rest. The smaller tooth on the other side of the one that came out has been knocked out of place and is a bit loose but the x-rays do not show that the tooth is broken. He said that his guess is that there has still been damage to it and it will probably die and turn gray too. Noah can't bite into anything for a week and can't eat anything hard since the teeth are loose and could come out. He'll drink from a straw until then too. He has his first day of preschool tomorrow so I'm praying he doesn't eat anyone else's snack and that he doesn't bump his teeth at all so they don't come out too.
I'm still getting used to seeing him with a missing tooth but I'm feeling much better about the whole thing, especially since he's not hurting anymore. I still think he is a bit traumatized by the whole incident. I layed down with him today at naptime and he wanted to lay on my chest. He couldn't get comfortable so he tried laying on his back on me then finally snuggled up in my arms with his face in my neck and fell asleep right away. Normally he's not the cuddly one and hasn't snuggled up like that since he was a baby. I wasn't complaining that's for sure. They grow up way too fast and I'll take any moment like that I can get - especially from my big boy. :)

I took pictures with a disposable camera and after preschool tomorrow I'll post them here.


Chiara said...

I'm glad to hear the other two teeth can stay. I'll be praying that Noah doesn't have any trauma that causes those teeth to fall out too.
I love your story of Noah snuggling with you. Wiggly little Carter rarely snuggles either--even as a newborn he didn't (he probably does more now), so I know how precious that time is!

Incorporeal Vistas said...

Did he get to put the tooth under his pillow?

Mark, Allison & Tessa Joy said...

All I have to say is...cookies are a way into everybody's heart! You, my friend, have had this figured out for quite some time. :)