Sunday, September 28, 2008

Josslyn Victoria

Here's Noah and Jordan's cousin Josslyn.

I wanted to post a picture of her with Jordan at her birthday party but I don't have one - maybe the family can email me one to put on the blog. This is an old picture I have.

Josslyn has always been such a nurturer and such a sweet, loving influence in Noah and Jordan's lives. She used to carry Noah around, feeding him, giving him his bottle. She did the same for Jordan, even wiping up her continuous spit up. She changes diapers and doesn't even complain. She is really so sweet and so caring.
All of her cousins are sweet and loving in different ways but I'm writing about Josslyn because she really, truly touched my heart today. She made a special card for Jordan and wrote a poem for Jordan that she read to the family.
Mommy's Little Girl
I'll hold you forever in my arms even if they get sore. I will always pick you up and love you whenever you get boo-boos or when you need some loving. I'll always play with you, always tuck you in at night and tell you stories, always sing you a lullabye and pary at night, spoiling you rotten and taking you wherever I go (even if I have to the bathroom, ha ha). I won't always give you your way, every Sunday I'll take you to children's church and celebrate the Lord with all our love, strength, and joy!!!! I'll love you to death everyday, change your stinky diaper, watch you play whatever type of sport you would like, feed you peanut butter and jellyl sandwiches with some grapes and juice, sometimes have a momma's day out where we'd go and have fun! I'll always watch the sun set with you, laugh at all the cute things you say. Love U 4 all eternity!!!
By: Josslyn Green

Here handmade card had a picture of Jordan and her own colorful writing that says,
"Dear Jordan,
I hope you have a great birthday! I love you more than a cousin should love you! I can't believe you're two - you're getting so big! Well I just wanted to say I love you and happy birthday!
Love, Josslyn
What a gift you are Josslyn Victoria Green! We love and appreciate you!

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Chiara said...

What a blessing having a cousin like Josslyn is to your family. I love her poem!