Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Jordan Joy!!!

This is our crazy girl pre-game. She was marching back and forth in the back yard with her hat, sunglasses and bag of tea party toys all morning. She was making us laugh just being her silly self but it was even more pronounced as if she knew today was going to be a big day

Here are the cupcakes from the party. I am very basic, no frills so I would normally slather on some frosting my brother, Uncle Scotty, told me how to make the cupcakes look like I spent hours on them. I thought they turned out really nice. Thanks Uncle Scotty!

Here's the princess. She's not really into princesses but she loved the girly pink of her party and she loved her dress. It was HILARIOUS! She sat down in the middle of the grass, waited for everyone to gather around and gawk at her. She truly sat there posing for every camera in the family to take pictures and ooh and ahh over her. She was posing it up!!! She was turning her heard, putting her hand under her chin, holding out her painted nails. It was SO funny and SO Jordan. :)

Here are her beautiful nails! I've waited so long to be able to paint her fingernails and it was really special. I waited to do it for her birthday and had so much fun! Her little nails were really hard to paint but we managed and the one foot looks so cute that is missing the tip of the toe because, of course, there is no nail on that toe. Regardless, we had a great time and Jordan loves them. She was waving them around showing them off.

Noah had a bit of a tough time today with all the attention heading Jordan's way but by the end of the night he came around a bit. He sure loved the cupcakes!

One more milestone for Jordan...

We told her craniofacial sugeon (Dr. Kawamoto) that we wanted her to be able to blow out her candle on her 2nd birthday. He said he'd do his best. He did an awesome job on her palate and with time spent in speech therapy we've worked on blowing air out. Today she did it! She blew out her candle on her birthday cupcake. She is SO funny though because every time she blows the candles out she gets scared and freaks out. She signs "all done!" with her hands, looks very alarmed and says, "Oh no!" It's as if she's not sure what she's done. Everyone was cracking up. She was the star of the show and we just love her so much.

Happy birthday Jordan Joy!!!! (her actual bday is Tuesday even though today was the celebration)


Swimwife said...

Oh!! I love this post! I can picture everything you are writing about and so wish that we were there! I love you JJ!
Auntie Staci

Chiara said...

Happy birthday, sweet Jordan! I just love those pictures, and I am very impressed by your cupcakes--beautiful!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Jordan! See you at church...The McNaughton Family

mark.vr said...

Happy Birthday Jordan. You are so blessed to have loving God-fearing parents to care and love you. God has blessed you with a wonderful cousin who loves you dearly (and many more cousins who do also, it sounds like). May God bless you and draw you to Him as you grow older. May you be a child who follows longingly after God's heart. May God bless and give continued joy in raising you.