Saturday, March 28, 2009

Compass Kids Ministry Does it Again

Jordan and I were at the park across from our house enjoying a relaxing morning while Shan was inside with Noah. Suddenly we see a Dana Party Supplies van pull up to our house. All the kids stopped and watched. It was so fun. The delivery guy pulled out two giant balloon bouquets for Noah and Jordan. Jordan was jumping up and down as we took them inside for Noah. He was mellow still and not quite himself but he was super excited. They are really into Disney stuff right now so it was perfect. The balloons were from our church's kids ministry. They are so kind and our church has been so good to us. The week we found out about Jordan our pastors wife called us (they were in a similar situation with their daughter who was born with Spina Bifida), Care Team volunteers were at CHOC with us as they took Jordan in for her first surgery, they've provided meals, a one on one helper when Jordan was at church after surgeries, cards, encouragement, prayer and all kinds of support for us. They are truly wonderful. We are SO blessed to be a part of Compass Bible Church.

Here's a picture of Jordan with her last balloon bouquet when she had her surgery on her foot. I thought I lost this picture but found it today on my camera so I wanted to post it.
Thanks Compass!!!!

For a quick update -
Both kids are doing so well tonight.
Jordan has been fine since Thursday but Noah seemed to be getting worse yesterday. By last night he was so lethargic and just laying on the couch, sleeping. He had a fever of almost 102. The doctor said not to call unless he had a fever of 102 or higher so I didn't call but that paired with a weird cough thing he kept doing was making me nervous. He woke up much better this morning (he and I slept until almost 9:00). We stayed home all day, resting and then he slept for over three hours during naptime (I tried three times to get him up). By tonight he is suddenly back to his old self. He ate food for the first time since Wednesday. He had soft mac and cheese and a popscicle and finally took a bath. He was playing around with Shannon before bed and really seems to be doing great. I'm so glad. Because he's doing so well tonight we're taking the kids to church tomorrow. We have a ministry fair so if he's not doing well in the morning Shan can take him to the car to watch a video while I work at the tables. We are dying to get back to church! With three surgeries (four including Noah's) in five months we've missed a lot of things, Church being first on our priority list. I'm looking forward to a time with no surgeries, no recovery, no pre-ops and less therapy. This summer should be really great.

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We do have a church that is so amazing and truly exemplifies the love of Christ!