Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Pictures...

My step-dad loves trains and so does his friend, Norm. We got to see Norm's own train museum in his basement and Noah about had a heart attack. It was amazing! This is such a brief glimpse of Norm's train hobby.

Noah digging for dinosaur bones at the science center - yes those are goggles. Cute!

Jordan didn't love the museum as much as Noah because it was harder for her to really do the hands on stuff and she's a bit young for it but she did like a few things.

Noah LOVED the Air and Space Museum. He totally got into the space section and now is the proud owner of two toy space shuttles, thanks to Gma. Jordan picked a bouncy ball but I picked out a book about Amelia Earhart and the world telling her she couldn't do things all the while she proved them wrong. Someday Jordan will appreciate it I hope.

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