Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our trip to the East...

I wanted a vacation from our hectic life and Jordan was in need of some distraction so we headed to my mom and stepdad's house in Maryland. It was a great week for them to spend time with my family. Shannon had school work and work-work to do so he stayed and I took the kids by myself. The flight went SO well and the kids were excellent. I don't have a single complaint about the travel. It was actually totally enjoyable and I loved spending the time with them.

At my mom's we got the kids' hair cut, we took them to the Baltimore Science Center, the DC Air and Space Museum, we had a family party with their cousins and mine over and they got to play in snow, build a snowman but also enjoy nice warm weather most of the time. It was such a great time. Thanks Mom and Dennis!!!!

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