Friday, March 20, 2009

This is a first...

Tomorrow Jordan will have another set of ear tubes put in and she will have a special guest with her...her big brother. Yes the two of them are having surgery back to back starting at 7:00 tomorrow morning. They have the same Ear Nose Throat Doctor who was able to schedule them back to back.
Jordan will have ear tubes put in. It's relatively simple and quick with VERY little recovery time.
Noah will have his tonsils and adenoids removed. This is a fairly routine surgery with A LOT of recovery time. Thankfully the doctor offered a newer procedure for Noah. Instead of removing the entire tonsil he will cut them back as far as he can. There is a chance they will enlarge again later but the recovery is much easier and MUCH less painful. We opted for this since he's so young. We can deal with the full removal when he's older IF needed.
Jordan is set for 7 a.m. and Noah for 7:30. They'll be next to each other in the pre-op and recovery. It'll be weird since Noah usually comforts Jordan. This time they'll both need comforting. This makes me so thankful for Noah's health in light of Jordan's medical issues. The thought of caring for two uncomfortable kids, the logistics of it all and also double the cost of surgery seems like a lot to handle more than once. I don't know how our friends with triplets have handled all their special needs. I have SUCH sympathy for them.

Also you may have noticed the link on the right side of the blog...Pray for Stellan...this is a fellow blogging mom I follow. Her son has some pretty decent heart issues and could use prayer. Click on the link for Stellan, read her blog and pray.

I'll update the blog tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks everyone!

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