Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An Unexpected Visit with Dr. Jones and Our Xrays

The one on the right side is the leg with the bone graft taken. Look at the smaller bone (fibula) and you'll notice a piece taken.

Here's the view with the pin in - that's the way it currently is.

Here's a shot of the thumb before surgery - you'll see that small chip of bone that's not even connected to the lowest bone in the hand. That's why her thumb was short and of no use. It just moved all around and was just skin basically.

Here's another one I wasn't shown by the doctor...I'm assuming this is during surgery and it's after they opened the thumb but before putting the pin in...notice the black line in the thumb and also how the thumb looks longer like it's being stretched. I think he opened it, stretched it how he wanted it then checked it by x-ray and placed the bone and pin in after that. So interesting how they do this isn't it??

This the leg/foot they took bone from...notice the toe bones are kind of small on this foot. This is the foot that is most affected and was attached to her leg by her toes when she was born.

Today as I was getting Jordan dressed to go to speech therapy I noticed blood on my hand then realized it was on her sock so I took her sock off to find that her surgery site had opened up. Ugg. It was dark blood with some clear kind of stuff too and it just didn't look right. I called Dr. Jones who said to bring her in. We went to speech then killed some time at the Block in Orange before our appointment. Thankfully the bleeding stopped and she was still walking on it. He said that it wasn't infected and that sometimes surgery sites open up and if they do they can leak either just blood or also blood mixed with ________ (I can't remember the technical term for the fluid he was referring to). He just said to soak it often in a warm bath and to keep a bandage on it. He can't restitch it at this point so the scar will probably just not be as small or such a clean line as it originally would've been.
Another interesting thing...
Some of you know that I took a one day a week job working with infants and toddlers (and some school aged kids) who have a hearing loss. This is what my Master's is in and my credential and this one day position opened up, paying for our health insurance each month. I don't love leaving the kids each Wednesday but God has been VERY gracious to me in providing a job I really like. I've also had so many opportunities to really relate to these families who are struggling through the early years of caring for a child with special needs. One 2 year old I see is only days younger than Jordan and is also affected by Amniotic Band Syndrome in such similar ways (hands are similar and one leg but not her face - no cleft). The mom is my age and I just really enjoy working with her. Another mom has an 8 month old baby with Auditory Neuropathy so she is in the very early stages of grieving and adjusting to things. It's been more than great to be able to encourage her and really truly relate to and validate her feelings. She is such a joy to be around. So to get to the reason for all this info on today's posting...
Another mom is a Christian and has a very involved daughter who is also close to Jordan's age. Her daughter has life threatening issues and requires constant care and surgeries. I can't relate to this mom in the severity of her situation but it is nice to see God working in her life providing so much for her in times of need. I was talking to this mom today on my way to Dr. Jones' office and found out that she also had an appt with him - at the same time I did today. It was the strangest feeling that someone I work with, provide a service to would be at OUR Dr. Jones' office. I love that my two worlds come together all the time. I like that it gives me an opportunity to better understand these families' situations but also it helps them to understand that we can relate. God has given me a job where my struggles can be used and I can really truly relate to the women I work with and I am so thankful.


Bauer Smehyl said...

Hi Jennifer. My name is Stacy. I think I've commented on your blog before. You are and your family are just precious. My son Bauer had cleft lip and palate and we've followed your blog and others and have been so blessed by them. A friend of mine just a baby with club foot. Was this the same condition your baby girl had? If so would you mind a mom contacting you via e-mail to ask questions? They weren't expecting the condition. Again, thanks for sharing your family. Have a great weekend. God Bless!


The O'Connell Clan said...

God is so good!

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